Meditation Techniques to Gain More Control over Mind

Having a good hang of the art of meditation and excel at it is of immense importance for us. Learning how to meditate helps us have a peace of mind and be calm, composed as well as focused. So, we should learn the four chore meditation techniques to enjoy greater control over various aspects of our life.

Deep-Breathing Meditation Technique : This is the first and well-known technique of meditation that trains the learners how to control their breath during meditation. This breath -controlling technique is also known as ‘Stillness Mediation Technique’. Mastering the art of Deep-Breath mechanism of mediation also helps us control our heart beat. Gaining greater control over our mind through deep-breathing technique injects more energy and positive thinking into us.

White-Light  Meditation Technique : It is the extended stage of deep-breathing technique of meditation. Everyone of us has a problem of brain-chatter. This white-light technique is an effective way to stop this chattering and help us be focused on a particular subject or object. This method requires us to use objects in our minds eye in order to control brain-chatter and gain more concentration.

Affirmation Meditation Technique : It trains our mind in such a way that we learn to ditch the negative attitude and opt for more positive thinking. This technique reprograms our subconscious mind to kick out the pessimistic thoughts and replace them with optimistic thinking.

Walking-Meditation Technique : This technique is extensively used by many a monastic community. The walking-meditation technique starts with breath-controlling and then white-light meditation technique of traditional seated meditation. Then the focus slowly shifts to the control of mind while walking. Generally, this technique involves counting up numbers while walking. Once our mind starts to wander, we have to stop counting and then start from the scratch again.

Meditation helps us sink into a relaxed mood and therefore rejuvenates both our body and soul. Our mind is a very powerful tool. By utilizing the power of meditation we can prevent our mind from aimless wandering. A relaxed and focused mind instills positive ideas into us as well as reflects itself into our every activity.